Lubrication systems

Servoteh d.o.o. is the official distributor of the company SKF for centralized lubrication systems. Within the company SKF there are world-renowned brands for centralized lubrication systems Lincoln i Vogel.

Function of centralized lubrication systems

The function of SKF centralized lubrication systems is to supply lubricant from a central source to the connected points for lubrication of a machine or a plant. Such a solution minimizes friction and wear, eliminates potential dangers of manual lubrication and optimizes necessary quantities of lubricant.

Why automatic lubrication?

Systems of automatic centralized lubrication provide a whole series of advantages for the operation of a machine or a plant, the most important of them being:

  • More reliable operation – uniform lubricant dosage in precisely defined (frequent) time intervals

  • Longer life – prevention from entering a zone of too large or too small quantity of lubricant

  • USaving in lubricant – reduction of consumption (up to 50%)

  • Saving in energy consumption – reduction of engine load

  • Safer operation – elimination of manual lubrication of the positions which are dangerous and difficult to reach

SERVOTEH offer in the field of lubrication in industry covers:

  • Technical support in the selection of adequate lubricants

  • Calculation and giving recommendations for regular intervals of relubrication

  • Selection of an adequate system of lubrication and technical solution

  • Design and mounting of the appropriate lubrication system

  • Mounting of the system, commissioning and adjustment of operating parameters of the system

  • System operation and maintenance training.

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