Standard seals

The offer of Servoteh d.o.o. has a wide range of SKF standard injection moulded seals.

The offer of standard seals includes:

  • Wipers (types DTW, HW, PA, PAD)

  • Piston seals (types CUT, GH, LCP, MD, MPV, UNP)

  • Rod seals (types PTB, RBB, S1S, SIL, ZBR, S9B)

  • O-rings and back-up rings

  • Guide rings and guide strips

  • Braided packing.

All details related to the profiles of standard seals (operating pressure and temperature, speed of motion, combination of materials) can be seen in the catalogue.

Please download the catalogue of standard hydraulic seals

Brochure PDF


Download Brochure (PDF)



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