Machine design

Our team of experienced mechanical engineers can offer you the service of design of complex machine and technological systems, machines and components with the use of the latest CAD software.

We have experience in the design of multidisciplinary projects from different branches of industry in one technological line or a process.

Machine design includes:

  • Elaboration of the project task and harmonization with the Orderer
  • Elaboration of the conceptual design and harmonization with the Orderer
  • Creation of the algorithm for the control system
  • Elaboration of the complete project and construction documentation for all assemblies, subassemblies and positions
  • Creation of bills of materials for the purchase of finished goods and bills of materials for the purchase of material
  • Elaboration of technological documentation

For all information please contact us at: Ova adresa el. pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli or phone us at 011/3732959;

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