John M Henderson, Hydraulic system of the mobile plant for coke filling in the steel mill Arcelor Mittal Zenica – February 2013

At the beginning of 2013, according to the project task of the orderer, SERVOTEH elaborated:

  • project documentation of the whole system,

  • construction of all subassemblies (manifold blocks, tank, carrying structure of the pipeline)

  • complete manufacturing,

  • purchase of all components,

  • assembly and integration of the whole system,

  • flushing of the system according to ISO 4406

  • functional testing of the whole system in accordance with the strictest ISO standards in this field.

Brief project description

The hydraulic system of the mobile filler of coke consists of:

  • hydraulic power unit,

  • manifold blocks,

  • independent filter unit with an air cooler and

  • pipeline.

The hydraulic power unit contains:

  • 650 L tank (stainless steel),

  • two axial-piston pumps driven by 22 kW electric motors,

  • axial-piston pump driven by a diesel engine,

  • compressive filters on the discharge line from each pump,

  • return line duplex filter,

  • safety valves,

  • flow meter,

  • other necessary fittings.

Six manifold blocks are equipped with over 160 hydraulic valves (directional control valves, throttle check valves, pressure limiting valves....), with more than 100 ball valves and test connections for the manometer at each point on the block for each line (P, T, A and B)..
The independent filter unit consists of a vane pump driven by a 2.2 kW electric motor, which intakes oil from the tank and pushes it through the filter toward the air cooler and back to the tank.
The pipeline is made of stainless steel pipes, size 1-1/2". The pipeline is connected with the tank and hydraulic blocks by means of flexible hydraulic hoses.


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