We present you some of the projects realized by our company:

ZIN Topčider

Thermoregulation unit ST-1601

May 2016.

Coca-Cola HBC Srbija

Reconstruction of the electrical control system for transport of bottles and packages

May 2016

Sloboda Čačak ad

Modernization of the hydraulic press for pressing copper rings

April 2016.


Automatic lid feeder

April 2016


Hydropneumatic pump

April 2016.

ZIN Topčider

Reconstruction and modernization of the friction press SCHULER 175t

February 2016

Stax Technologies doo

Conveyor system

August 2015

Tara Aerospace

Device for forming the body of the retarder U-UD12

August 2015

Forging centre Valjevo

Plant for cold extrusion of rotary parts

August 2015


Shears for cutting copper flat bars

June 2015

Pobjeda Goražde

Laboratory machine for forming a retarder

May 2015

Robert Bosch

Device for cutting eurohole openings on blister packaging

March 2015.

Forging centre Valjevo

System for hydrostatic testing of parts

March 2015

Forging centre Valjevo

Reconstruction and modernization of the 400t forging press

August 2014

Grundfos Srbija

Four-spindle screwing machine

June 2014

John M Henderson

Hydraulic system of the mobile plant for coke filling in the steel mill Arcelor Mittal Zenica

February 2013

Robert Bosch doo

Machine for tool preheating with a storage unit and a lifter

January 2013.

Umka Cardboard Mill

Pneumatic linear oscillator

October 2012


Automatic transfer of products from one line to another

February 2012

Belgrade Paper Factory

Felt tensioning devices

November 2011

Belgrade Paper Factory

Felt regulating devices

November 2011

Sinter AD

Automated machine for serving the eccentric press with a vibratory feeder

October 2011
Frikom AD

Special conveyors

August 2011

Grand Kafa

Automated machine for prolonged welding of bags on vertical packaging machines

May 2011.

Vagar A.D.

Hydraulic system of the three-section lifting platform

April 2011.

Laboratory Dr. Pavlović

Line for filling and packaging of Pavlović Ointment

January 2011.

Intercell doo, Šabac

Control system of the transfer system in the industry of kraft paper bags

January 2011

Jaffa AD

System of final packing of Jaffa biscuits into shipping boxes

August 2010

LeBelier Kikinda

Presses for casting non-ferrous metals

January 2008.

BMS Chemie

Automatic machine for pressing polytetrafluoroethylene

August 2007

Umka Cardboard Mill

Linear electrical oscillator

June 2006


Control system on the paper cross cutting machine

February 2006

IBG, Belgrade

Forming machine for shaping form packagings with 2 tools

September 2005

Port of Pančevo

Electrical system for control and regulation of the bucket wheel excavator

April 2005

Servopneumatic headbox in paper industry

March 2002

Machine for packing artificial fertilizers into 50 kg bags  
“UMKA Cardboard Mill” – Hydraulic baling press for waste paper  

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