Quality policy

SERVOTEH d.o.o. has established its quality policy in order to make sure that the products we deliver meet the expressed and realistic requirements of customers as well as the requirements of valid laws and regulations, and also in order to improve the effectiveness of the established quality management system.

SERVOTEH d.o.o. has directed its business operations toward becoming a reliable supplier of machines, equipment and spare parts.

SERVOTEH d.o.o. achieves this goal by analyzing and improving all processes, by building trust between its employees and management and by providing complete solutions to its clients, as well as through a constant aspiration toward permanent advancement.

Our business is based on the following values:

  • Continuously monitored and increased customer satisfaction,

  • Building the leader’s role of management,

  • Modernization of equipment and training of employees,

  • Active participation of employees in planning, implementation, evaluation of all activities in the work process,

  • Constant improvement of the quality of products and services,

  • Application of all domestic and international standards and norms in the production process,

  • Observation of all measures for safe and healthy work of employees and users of equipment and parts,

  • Fostering partnerships with suppliers.

All employees are aware of their roles and importance in our system and bound to adhere to the principles of this policy.

The management of SERVOTEH d.o.o. performs constant analysis and improvement of its system.

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